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How to apply your magnetic lashes like a professional

A great 5 step tutorial that teaches you how to apply your magnetic lashes like a professional makeup artist.

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How to remove your magnetic lashes, a step by step guide

Removing your magnetic lashes is almost as important as putting them on. If removed improperly it can damage or shorten the life span of the magnetic lashes. Read this complete guide on how to properly remove your magnetic lashes.

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Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Checkout this great article on why magnetic lashes are safe for everyday use. Here we break down the basic composition of a magnetic lash and how they are used.

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How to clean magnetic lashes

In order to make sure your magnetic lashes last a long time, it is important that you properly clean them. Read this quick guide on how to properly care and clean your magnetic lashes

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How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Read this in depth guide on how magnetic lashes actually work.

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