Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

It's natural to be wary of using eye cosmetics. After all, eyes are pretty sensitive, and you wouldn't want to do anything that would put them in the line of harm.

But then, you can't really forego the importance of style and aesthetics either. Who wouldn't like to have thick and gorgeous eyelashes? This is one of the primary reasons that eyelash extensions are so common. With time, false eyelashes have evolved. And the latest trend to have become a rage in eye cosmetics is magnetic lashes.

It's highly unlikely that you wouldn't have heard about magnetic eyelashes yet. They are practically everywhere. You see many popular Instagram models flaunting their false lashes. And why not? They look life-like and give you the most natural look that none of the other false eyelashes can come close to.

Naturally, you will want to give these eyelash extensions a try too. But wait! Are they really safe? Is it really a smart idea to have magnetics so close to your eyes? What if there's an allergic reaction? What if the magnets disrupt your vision? There's so much to think about. 

If you are yearning to try magnetic eyelashes but are reluctant due to inhibitions about their safety, you have come to the right place. Let's find out all there's to know about these false lashes and their safety.

Will The Magnets In The False Lashes Harm Your Eyes?

If you want a straightforward answer, no! The magnets are pretty safe and don't incur any harm to your eyes. But how is that possible? Let's dig deeper.

Magnetic eyelashes are safe to wear due to a variety of factors. For one thing, a very low amount of electromagnetic frequency is emitted from the magnets on false eyelashes. Hence, there's minimal risk associated with them.

Additionally, no eye cosmetics find their way to the market until they have been approved by FDA. Indeed, FDA has a category dedicated to eye cosmetic safety for the regulation of these items. So, all that you need to ensure is that you purchase your eyelash extensions from an approved vendor, and you can rest easy. Your beauty measures won't prove to be detrimental to your eyes.

Interestingly, there are some pretty strict guidelines regarding the ingredients, labeling, and testing of false eyelashes and adhesives used in them. Only products that pass rigorous testing are allowed to be sold in the market. So, you are in the clear.

You might be amazed to learn that magnetic eyelashes are actually safer compared to other options of false lashes. And this is due to the lack of glue used in their application. The problem with lash glue is that there's always a list of the chemicals or ingredients in the glue to seep into the eye area. This can not only lead to an allergic reaction but also to infection. Luckily, there's no such issue with magnetic eyelashes, which is a major contributor to its popularity.

Is It Safe To Use Magnetic Lash And Liner Together?

Many magnetic eyelashes available on the market require a bit of work on the lash line. That's right. You have to use magnetic eyeliner. The eyeliner is a liquid, which once again poses the risk of magnetic seeping into the eyes. But, since the electromagnetic frequency is ultra-low, there really is no reason to worry.

The magnetic liners comprise iron oxide as an ingredient. Iron plays a vital role in many processes in the body and is even found in hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is commonly used for creating pigments in colored cosmetics. So these products typically contain a high amount of iron oxide. And they are FDA approved too. You don't have to worry about applying harmful chemicals to your lash line. Everything is tested rigorously for safety before being approved for sale in the market.

Do The Eyelash Extensions Hamper Natural Lash Growth?

This is something that worries many using magnetic eyelashes. Will these professional eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes? It actually depends on how you use these false lashes. 

That's right. If you are careful while applying and removing the false eyelashes, there's no reason that they would damage your natural lashes in any way. Here's the thing. Magnetic eyelashes don't really hamper the growth of natural lashes. The problem arises when the natural eyelashes break when you are applying or removing the false ones. This stunts their appearance, affecting the lash length.

Keep in mind that magnetic lashes are sandwiched between natural ones. Therefore, if they aren't handled correctly, they can cause traction alopecia. 

If you want to avoid such problems, the only thing that you need to do is being careful while removing your false lashes. Incorrect removal will inadvertently damage your natural lashes. Applying magnetic eyeliner on the lash liner undoubtedly helps. This is because the false eyelashes are then supported by the lid instead of the natural lashes. So there's a lower risk of traction alopecia.

But we can't really say that it's impossible that the false lashes will stunt the growth of the natural ones. The thing is, if you pull and tug at the magnetic eyelashes, the force can cause the natural lashes to be released from the follicles. Hence, you end up with broken hair. If that wasn't enough, the pressure could be too much for the follicle too. So you might notice less eyelash growth or changes in their pattern and direction too.

So it's vital to follow the instructions to the last letter while applying and removing these false lashes. Only then can you minimize the risk of incurring damage to your natural lashes in the process.

Can These Eyelash Extensions Harm You In Any Way?

Not really, as long as you handle them with care. If you abide by the brand's instructions while applying and removing these lashes, you will be in the clear. Just make sure that you wash your hands before handling these lashes. After all, hygiene is of immense value, even more so when it's about your eyes.

Apart from that, you can use magnetic lashes to enhance your looks without any stress. The product itself does not really cause any side effects. Problems only arise due to inadequate care or application conditions. 

Of course, you don't only just have to wash your hands. You need to ensure that the magnetic lashes are in the clear too. How else will you minimize the risk of bacterial infections? So make sure that you sanitize the lashes after each removal. Simply clean them with rubbing alcohol and water solution if you intend to reuse them.

And, of course, never share your eyelash extensions with anyone else. Eye cosmetics aren't really the best shareable items. You will only be inviting infections your way with such a step.

Don't; forget to apply liner at the lash line before using magnetic eyelashes. This ensures that the lashes don't get into your eyes. This also prevents the false lashes from blocking the oil glands in your eyelids.

There aren't many documented studies about allergic reactions caused by eye cosmetics. But naturally, if you touch your eyes repeatedly and that too with unclean hands or use a low-quality product, this risk will always be there. If you notice any irritation or rash developing after applying the false eyelashes, remove them instantly. 

How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes To Minimize The Risk Of Problems?

By now, it's pretty clear that these eyelash extensions will be safe as long as you are careful with their handling. So, let's shed some light on the application of the lashes in the best possible way.

Naturally, the magnetic eyeliner and lashes should only be applied to dry and clean skin. And you have to wash your hands before even touching the eye area. From then on, ensure that you follow the brand's instructions to the last letter. While there can be some discrepancies depending on the manufacturer, here are some general guidelines that you should always follow.

  • Leave the application of magnetic liner and lashes for the last. You can wear other eye cosmetics before moving into your lashes. 
  • Be gentle while applying the eyeliner. Take it out of the tube and brush it along your lash line gently with minimal pressure.
  • Now, take out the magnetic lashes from the package and place one on either side of your natural eyelashes.
  • If you have already applied the magnetic eyeliner to the lash liner, the false lashes will attach to it in no time. But if your magnetic eyelashes don't involve eyeliner, you have to attach each side of the lashes directly.
  • To prevent the lashes from sliding off and scratching your eyes, you have to set them firmly in place. For this, press them against either side of your natural lashes.

The magnetic lashes and liner won't move from their place until you actively remove them. That's one of the best things about these false lashes. They stay put in their place all day long. To top it, they are waterproof too. So you won't really have to worry about your eye makeup being spoiled anytime soon.

How To Remove Magnetic Eyelashes

Now it's time to remove the false eyelashes. Naturally, they have to be removed before you retire for the day. Here are some steps that will help you in the safe removal of these false lashes.

  • Remember how you remove two magnets stuck together? That's precisely how the lashes should be peeled off. Of course, you have to be gentle about it.
  • Once the lashes are off, you can use eye makeup remover to remove the eyeliner. Simply apply a small amount of makeup remover on a cotton ball and swipe it over your eyes gently.
  • Don't forget to clean your magnetic eyelashes after using them. This is vital for the prevention of bacterial growth.
  • Store the eyelash extensions in an airtight container but only when they are completely air dry.

Some Tips To Ensure The Magnetic Eyelashes Remain Safe 

Yes, applying and removing false eyelashes carefully is crucial to minimize the risk of side effects. But there's more that you can do, not just for your safety but also to prolong the lifespan of the lashes.

  • Avoid yanking them off. This will only put you through unnecessary pain. Additionally, this will also damage the false lashes in no time.
  • Magnetic lashes can be reused up to as many as 30 times, but only if they are well cared for. Don't forget to clean the eyeliner off the lashes. 
  • Avoid pulling on the lashes as you clean them. Gently wipe them with a makeup remover to get the job done.
  • Cleaning the false lashes at least once after every two uses will maintain them perfectly and will also be good for your eyes.
  • Store the magnetic lashes only in their container. 

Use False Eyelashes To Enhance Your Beauty

There's no reason to inhibit yourself and not use magnetic lashes to give your eyes the desired look. Keep in mind that since these lashes don't involve lash glue, they are actually safer and less disruptive. They are easier to use too.

Lash glue works as a seal that can trap moisture and even bacteria. Hence, you will often encounter problems like rash and irritation with such false lashes. Luckily, this isn't something you have to be worried about when it comes to magnetic eyelashes. So why not make the most of them?

Naturally, you should avoid using false lashes when you are already suffering from an allergy, infection, or any eye condition. This will only aggravate your problem and pave the way for more discomfort. And if you notice any adverse reaction to your eye cosmetics, don't delay in getting help. After all, this isn't something that should ever be taken lightly.

All in all, magnetic eyelashes are safer on the whole. But their safety depends on your handling. If you are careful while applying and removing them, ensure that the lashes are clean and wash your hands before use, you don't have to worry.