An In Depth Guide On How Magnetic Lashes Work?

The sudden growing trend of eyelash thickening serum, extensions, or curling methods has proven that the fashion to enhance your eyelashes is on a roll! Every day more and more people are experimenting with new methods for eyelash extensions. This trend is especially increasing amongst the youth because of their greater influence from social media.

Although despite all the beauty trends, the application of false lashes remains a hard nut to crack for a lot of people. Therefore, magnetic lashes are seen by makeup artists and professionals as a better alternative to traditional false lashes.

Most of the magnetic eyelashes come with magnetic eyeliners that have iron content in them. Apply a layer of eyeliner, and then you can simply adhere the lashes to them. This is perhaps the easiest and hassle-free method to wear lashes.

It is mostly assumed that applying liquid eyeliner is the most difficult part of any makeup routine, but it only wins by a few points from false lashes. From perfectly applying the glue to trimming it out, it sure requires some expertise. But now, with magnetic eyelashes and their ease to use, you don’t have to worry about this anymore!

The complications that come with the conventional false lashes are too many to be ignored. Firstly, you can be left with white glue residue all over your lashes. Secondly, getting the drying time for your lashes right is also not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, if you are not careful during its removal, you can pluck out your eyelashes, which you certainly don’t want.

How Do They Really Work?

These modern and advanced lashes use the concept of magnetic forces. These lashes come with a lash band that has very small lightweight magnets attached to them. On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner with false lashes has a small percentage of iron. This strongly adheres to the lash band. This reduces the time wasted on applying the glue and waiting for it to dry.

Following is a step-by-step procedure on how do magnetic lashes work.

1. Complete Your Eye Makeup

When you are using magnetic eyelashes, you need to apply your eye makeup completely before putting on the lashes. You have to put the magnetic eyeliner too and then attach your eyelashes to it. This will allow for your natural lashes to blend well with your falsies; after doing that, you can curl your lashes and apply that mascara to add more volume.

2. Keep Your Magnetic Lashes Ready!

There are different types of magnetic lashes in the market, so you need to follow this step accordingly.

If you are using the lashes with the magnetic eyeliner, you need to shake the eyeliner and then apply a thin layer on the lash line of the band. Leave this for about half a minute. Then apply another layer onto the lash line until it gets thick. This makes sure you can keep your lashes on for a longer time.

However, if you use lashes that come with a magnetic strip, you just need to figure out the lashes for both your upper and lower lines. This does not include the application of any glue or eyeliner.

3. Attach The Eyelashes

For this step, you can use your fingers or preferably a tweezer too.

After applying that magnetic liner, you have to wait for a bit to let it dry. After that, pick up the lash strip from the center. Start applying the lash band from the inner corner of your eye and slowly move outward. The same process needs to be done for the lower lash.

4. Removal Of The Lashes

After the whole day of showing off your incredible and beautiful lashes, you have to remove them after you get home. This can be done simply by pulling the lashes away very gently. Be careful not to forcefully remove them, as you might end up pulling your real lashes with it!

Wipe off any makeup residue that may be present on the lash band to avoid damaging them. Then put them back in the container to be used next time.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

One of the greatest concerns for customers is are magnetic lashes safe to use or not.

On the big picture, magnetic eyelashes are safe to use, provided you use them carefully and do not apply them for extended periods.

They are safe to wear on occasions but not on an everyday basis. If you put them on for a very long time or sleep in them, it can lead to an eyelid infection or lash loss.

However, due to their easier removal than traditional removal methods, they need less care in handling them. This makes the loss of your natural lashes also minimal. Although, it still involves putting iron content on your eye. Therefore it is recommended to use lightweight lashes from the most reputable and respected brands to avoid any mishaps. This will also save your time while applying and removing them.

Another important detail is that you wash your hands thoroughly before applying any lashes. Hygiene is perhaps the most important aspect to reduce the risk of infection and injury. Then all you need to do is follow the brand’s instructions to apply or remove them.

The magnets present in the lashes or the eyeliner emit a very low frequency of radiation and are deemed safe to use by health experts. So it is not like carrying a high amount of radiation on your eyes all the time.

No makeup product indeed makes its way to the public without being certified by the FDA. This department has a separate category to check for the safety of the eye products launched in the market. You just need to see that you have purchased your magnetic eyelashes from an FDA-approved seller. Then you can ensure that your lashes will not be a problem for you!