How to Apply Magnetic Lashes in 5 Simple Steps: A Beginner's Guide to Beautiful Lashes

Magnetic eyelashes are the latest trend for achieving gorgeous lashes without the mess some false eyelashes can create. They’re also great for lash product newbies because they’re so easy to put on. Follow these easy steps for how to apply magnetic lashes and it’ll look like a makeup artist did the job.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes Like a Pro

It takes a little bit of practice perfecting magnetic eyelashes. However, it’s a whole new world once you master how to put on magnetic lashes. Your lashes will become longer and fuller but look natural at the same time.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Put on eye makeup.

Unlike with the standard fake lashes, eye makeup goes on first with magnetic eyelashes. Doing this will provide some hold for your new lashes and help your natural ones blend in. Go ahead and apply your eyeshadow. Then, curl your lashes and put on mascara. You can apply any other makeup, too.

Important Note: Avoid applying mascara to your false lash to help it last longer.

Step 2: Prepare to put on magnetic lashes. 

There are a variety of magnetic lashes so this step may vary. However, the idea remains the same – you’re sandwiching your natural lash between two magnetic lashes.

For lashes with magnetic eyeliner–

If you’re applying lashes with magnetic eyeliner, they will stick to a magnetic eyeliner. First, you’ll shake up to mix your eyeliner. Then, put the eyeliner on the lash line starting at the inner corner of the lash line and dab it on (don’t streak it) until you get to the outer corner. Let it dry for about 20 seconds. Then, go back and do it again until the eyeliner is as thick as a magnet. This will ensure that the lashes stay in place.

For lashes with magnet strip–

Take a look at which lash is for your upper lash line and which one is for the bottom. This one has no lash glue or eyeliner involved.

Step 3: Put the lashes in place.

Now that you’re all set up, you’re ready for the magic to happen. You can use your fingers or a tweezer to place your lashes on.

For lashes with magnetic eyeliner–

Once you’ve waited a couple of minutes since applying the eyeliner, touch the eyeliner with your finger to make sure it has dried. When it’s completely dry, pick up and hold the center of the lash strip. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, place the upper lash along the lash line and work your way to the outer corner. Repeat with the lower lash.

For lashes with magnet strip-

Apply the top lash along the lash line as close as possible to follow your eye shape. While you’re holding the upper lash on, grab the bottom lash. The bottom lashes are applied underneath your natural lash and connect with the upper lash. This is where the magnets do their job – they should click together to hold the lashes in place.

If the lashes feel out of place once applied, you can slightly adjust them with your fingers. You can also remove and readjust them if needed. Remember, this is easy to do because there’s no messy glue involved. 

Step 4: Remove the lashes.

After you’ve flaunted your incredible eyelashes around and it’s time to take them off, it’s just as simple as putting them on. All you have to do is gently pull the lash away from your eyelid. Avoid yanking them off to ensure you don’t pull your natural lashes.

Clean your magnetic lashes off with an eye makeup remover or a gentle cleanser. If makeup builds up on them, be sure you wipe this off. If you used magnetic eyeliner, it should easily come off when you remove the rest of your makeup. 

Keep your magnetic lashes in their original packaging or a case to protect them until you’re ready to reapply.

A Quick Recap of How to Put Magnetic Lashes On

  • Put on eye makeup including eyeshadow and mascara but not on the fake lashes.
  • Apply eyeliner if you’re using magnetic eyeliner.
  • Place upper lash then lower lash on the lash line.
  • When ready, carefully pull to remove lashes and clean eyes and lashes.

It’s really that easy to have glamourous, beautiful lashes!

Tips for Using Magnetic Lashes

  • When choosing your magnetic lashes, select a style that suits the look you’re going for whether you want a natural look or a dramatic one.
  • Applying a layer of mascara to your natural lashes will allow the magnetic lashes to hold better. Don’t skip this step because adhering them directly onto bare natural lashes may cause them to slide.
  • While you can apply mascara to the fake lashes, this can shorten their shelf life.
  • If you feel like your fingers are getting in the way of precisely placing your lashes, try to use tweezers instead.
  • If you use tweezers to apply your magnetic lashes, don’t use metal ones because the magnets will stick to them.
  • If you use magnetic eyeliner, be sure to completely cover the lash line from start to finish to ensure that the magnet stays.
  • It’s important that the magnetic eyeliner is completely dry or else the product can get onto the lashes. It can also make the lashes come off prematurely.
  • For magnetic lashes, the closer they are to your lash line, the more natural it will look.
  • Sometimes the corner of the magnetic lashes can lift or bother you. If this happens, you can slightly trim the ends before applying.
  • It’s okay if you have to redo them. With just a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to get the job done in no time.

In Conclusion

That’s really it! If you follow these 4 simple steps on how to apply magnetic lashes, you’ll have incredible lashes that you can wear anywhere. It’s a no-fuss and fast way to enhance your look without having to stand in front of the mirror for an hour. Our pro tips will also help to ensure that your magnetic lashes look great and last all day.

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