How To Clean Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic eyelashes are undoubtedly one of the most perfect eye cosmetic accessories. The best thing about these is their effortless application. You don't have to deal with troublesome glue or worry about safety when using these to accentuate your eye features.

Naturally, you would want your magnetic lashes to last for a long time. And it's indeed plausible. Yes, your magnetic eyelashes can be reused as many as 30 times. But only if you pay adequate attention to their maintenance! Cleaning your magnetic eyelashes is absolutely mandatory if you want to enhance their longevity. And of course, this is crucial for hygiene too. After all, you wouldn't want to take any chances with your vision, will you?

It's vital that the remnants of magnetic eyeliner are removed after use. Otherwise, the magnetic bonds will lose their strength. Similarly, dust and debris too weaken the magnetic adhesive. But how to clean your lashes? Would a simple makeup remover suffice, or will you need something more? Don't fret as you are about to uncover the secret to increasing the lifespan of your magnetic lashes.

Cleaning Your Magnetic Lashes: Explained In Easy Steps

First things first, let's make one thing clear. Washing your magnetic eyelashes wouldn't damage them if you use the right product. This is a pretty common misconception. Indeed, it's vital for the longevity of the lashes that you clean them regularly.

Failure to clean your lashes will lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust. As a result, they wouldn't stick to the eyeliner properly. A non-oily eye makeup remover can come to your assistance.

Keep in mind that you aren't supposed to use liquids for cleaning your magnetic eyelashes. This will only damage them. Additionally, refrain from applying makeup directly to the false lashes.

An excellent choice to clean magnetic lashes is non-oil micellar water. Yes, it works like magic and will clean your false lashes in a jiffy. Micellar water is designed explicitly for water-resistant eye makeup. There are primarily two methods via which your work will be done in no time. Let's guide you on these easy steps that will play a vital role in enhancing the lifespan of your magnetic eyelashes.

Method No. 1

You will need an eye makeup removal, cotton rounds and swab, tweezers, and 90% alcohol for this method. Don't worry, as it's actually pretty simple. Here's what you need to do.

  • Remove Your Eyelashes

Before we move ahead, let us stress a crucial point. Don't handle your magnetic lashes until you have adequately washed and dried your hands. Surely you wouldn't want to transfer bacteria to the false lashes. Therefore, don't proceed until your hands are clean.

Washed your hands? Great! Now you can remove the eyelashes. Be very gentle as you remove the lashes from the magnetic eyeliner. Grab the outer corner of the lash band and pull it off slowly.

It's best to hold onto the lash band and not the magnetic lashes directly. You have to be really careful at this point. It's not uncommon for people to damage their false lashes while removing them.

  • Clean Your Lashes

Now that you have safely removed the lashes, it's time for cleaning. Start by getting rid of the eyeliner residue on the lashes. Use a non-oily eye makeup remover for this purpose. Soak the cotton pad with the makeup remover, and then rub it against your magnetic eyelashes.

The makeup and eyeliner on the lash will dissolve easily. You just have to ensure that you apply light pressure while rubbing the cotton pad. Use small movements to make sure that the shape of the lashes isn't damaged.

  • Cleaning The Magnets

Yes, the magnets on the lashes need cleaning too. But you have to be really gentle and ensure that you don't scratch them. At the same time, it's equally vital that the eyeliner residue is removed from the magnets.

This is where 90% alcohol will help you out. Coat a cotton swab with this alcohol solution and run it along the magnets and strip of the eyelashes. Any eyeliner residue or makeup will be removed via this step, saving your magnetic lashes for subsequent use.

  • Don't Forget To Dry

Once you are done with cleaning your magnetic eyelashes, dry them properly. Simply place them on a towel, and leave them to air dry, and your work is done.

Method No.2

If you are unable to find 90% alcohol, there's no reason to panic. Your magnetic eyelashes aren't doomed. You can still clean them and prolong their lifespan. All you will need is a plastic container, tweezers, eyelash comb, and tissue and makeup remover. Here's how you can follow the easy steps.

  • Removing The Eyelashes

Naturally, the first step is still removing the magnetic eyelashes safely by pulling on the liner band.

  • Cleaning Your Magnetic Lashes

Once your magnetic eyelashes are removed, place them in an empty container. Pour makeup remover on top of it, ensuring that the makeup remover covers the lashes. This is vital for dissolving the residual makeup and eyeliner on the eyelashes.

Leave your magnetic lashes in the container for around five minutes. Keep in mind that the duration should exceed five minutes as this can be damaging for the lashes. Use a pair of tweezers to remove the lashes and place them on the tissue.

Getting Rid Of Excessive Magnetic Eyeliner

There's a chance that some eyeliner still remains on our false lashes. Note that your work wouldn't be complete until the eyeliner is removed completely. But don't panic. It's actually pretty simple.

You can use tweezers to remove the residue, holding the magnetic lashes between your forefinger and thumb. However, be cautious and gentle during this step to prevent damage to the lashes.

  • The Additional Cleaning

Naturally, you wouldn't want to take any chances. If you want to make sure that the magnetic lashes are indeed adequately cleaned, there's a simple way to do so. Clean the container you previously used and pour makeup remover into it. However, this time, you need to form merely a thin layer.

Use the pair of tweezers to grab the lashes. Dip the lashes into the container, moving them from side to side. Keep in mind that you should follow this step for both sides of the eyelashes.

Drying The Lashes

Now place the false lashes on dry tissue and let them dry. Once they are dried, use the eyelash comb to comb them and retain their shape.

A Noteworthy Point

The whole point of cleaning your magnetic lashes is prolonging their lifespan and preventing eye infections. So you shouldn't do anything that would damage the false lashes.

Avoid swimming or showering with the magnetic eyelashes on. Yes, you can clean them with micellar water, but that's about it.

Don't worry! Magnetic eyelashes don't impede your vision, so you can carry on with other activities like hiking, running, or yoga. You merely have to keep your lashes away from water.

Storing The Magnetic Eyelashes

Your work isn't really done after merely cleaning your magnetic eyelashes. You have to be careful with their storage too.

For one thing, the magnetic lashes should never be put away when they are damp or wet. And always store them in their box. This protects them from potential damage and also retains their shape.

Make it a point to keep the lashes away from direct sunlight exposure. Sunlight can change the eyelashes' color. Therefore, always store your magnetic lashes in a dark place. Furthermore, the storage area shouldn't have excessive moisture in the air.

Indeed, cleaning your magnetic eyelashes regularly and properly enhances their longevity like nothing else. You will be surprised how often you can reuse these lashes by providing them with proper care.

Application Of Magnetic Lashes: What You Need To Know

You might keep your eyelashes safe and clean, yet they can be damaged easily. More often than not, people end up damaging their magnetic lashes while wearing them. Yes, although the easy steps are a blessing, many still have a hard time wearing these lashes.

Since we are focusing on enhancing the longevity of the false lashes, let's talk a bit about how to wear them too.

  • Start by applying your makeup. This is because it can be tricky to apply magnetic eyelashes if you don't have the practice. So apply makeup first to prevent making a mess of everything.
  • Since magnetic lashes merely cover the outer corners of your eyes, apply mascara to the inside corners. This will accentuate your eye beauty even more.
  • Keep in mind that liquid eyeliner can stick to your magnetic eyelashes. Therefore, it's best to use pencil eyeliner.
  • You must abstain from applying mascara on the false lashes. This will only shorten the lifespan of your false lashes. And, of course, mascara will be a nightmare to clean!
  • Place the magnetic lashes on a clean towel. The top lash strip is typically marked, so determining which side is the top shouldn't be a problem. You can always use the instruction manual by the manufacturer to find out how they have marked the top strip.
  • Place the top strip of your magnetic lashes on the real ones just near the outside corner of the eyes. You will get the best results if you place the upper strip as close to the natural lash line as possible.
  • Place the lower lash strip underneath the top one, and you will soon feel the magnets click in their place.

Your work is done!

How To Remove Magnetic Eyelashes

This is actually pretty straightforward. As long as you are gentle with your handling, there's no reason to worry.

Remove the magnetic lashes using your thumb and index finger. Continue moving them between the fingers, and you will feel them coming apart. You can now pull the false lashes away from the natural ones easily.

Some Additional Tips For Maintenance Of Magnetic Lashes

It's great if you are serious and cautious about cleaning your magnetic eyelashes. But there's a lot more that you need to do if you want to attain maximum use out of them.

  • For one thing, keep in mind that magnetic lashes are different from regular false eyelashes. They have to be handled with care if you want to minimize the risk of infections.
  • Never touch your magnetic lashes before washing your hands. Use a mild soap for scrubbing your hands for around 30 seconds, and then rinse it off. Dry your hands with a clean towel, and you are ready to handle your magnetic eyelashes!
  • Don't lose patience if you feel the eyelashes aren't clicking into place. You may have to adjust them a couple of times.
  • Don't apply the magnetic lashes until your makeup is dry. This will only create a mess that will be difficult to handle.
  • It's best to keep eye makeup to a minimum until you are a pro at handling these lashes.
  • More often than not, a single layer of magnetic eyeliner doesn't yield the desired results. After all, the lashes need a solid base to attach to. So apply at least three layers of the eyeliner.
  • Refrain from applying the lashes until the magnetic eyeliner is completely dry. Impatience won't get you far since the lashes will fall off soon enough as they wouldn't be able to stick.
  • It takes time to perfect the art of applying magnetic lashes. Don't worry if the first couple of tries don't seem up to the mark. Practice wearing the lashes, and you will master the task soon enough.

How Often To Clean Your Lashes?

There really isn't a straightforward answer to this. It varies from brand to brand. Ideally, you should clean your magnetic eyelashes after every use.

However, if this seems too much of work, make it a point to clean them at least once weekly or after using them thrice.

Make The Most Of Your Magnetic Eyelashes

Cleaning your magnetic lashes might seem like too much effort in the beginning. However, you will soon realize how beneficial it is. Wouldn't you want to acquire the maximum use out of your magnetic lashes? This is your chance to do so!