How To Remove Magnetic Lashes

The popularity of magnetic eyelashes is at an all-time high. And why not? They work better than other regular false lashes, providing a natural look. Interestingly, one can get up to 30 uses of the same magnetic eyelashes, but only if they are taken care of properly. This is why it's vital to know how to remove magnetic lashes correctly. Wondering how to ensure that your false lashes last long? You are about to find out!

A Step By Step Guide To Removing Magnetic Lashes

Who doesn't want thicker and longer lashes? After all, they look pretty gorgeous, which is why many use false lashes even at home. The trend of magnetic lashes was embraced with open arms as it was easy to use and pretty comfortable too. One doesn't have to worry about the magnetic lashes causing any disruption to the eye vision.

However, it's pretty common for people to damage these lashes while removing them. Hence, they have to buy new ones all too frequently. Of course, you should gently remove these lashes, but there's more to it. Let's go through the steps on how to remove magnetic lashes correctly so that they can last longer.

Step 1: Gently Remove The Lashes

You have to begin by removing the magnetic eyelashes gently. Grab the outer corner of the false lashes and pull it away from your lash line slowly, moving towards the inner corner eye.

It's vital to ensure that you grasp the lash band while removing the lashes and not the fake lashes or magnetics or, worse, your real lashes. Additionally, avoid using any oil-based products for cleaning the false lashes after their removal. You will be surprised how commonly people commit this mistake, leading to the lashes being spoiled for good.

Step 2: Removing The Magnetic Eyeliner

This is the challenging part that poses a problem for most people. Many complain about the long time it takes to remove the lash line. But this isn't something you will have to face if you remove it the right way. Yes, there's a particular method for removing magnetic lashes line too, and it will come off effortlessly in no time!

First things first, ensure that you don't rub your eyes too hard. You also have to be careful about the products you use for the removal. This is vital because the wrong products can cause eye irritation, and surely you wouldn't want to experience that.

You can gently remove the magnetic liner off of your eyelids with an oil-based cleanser. How? It's actually pretty straightforward.

Put an adequate amount of liquid makeup remover on a cotton pad, ensuring that it's moist.

Now close your eyes and the pads on the eyelids, applying gentle pressure for a few seconds. This will ensure that the moisture from the makeup remover is transferred onto the liner, making the removal process a whole lot easier.

Now press the cotton pad onto the eyelids slightly on the area where eyeliner is applied. Rub it gently over the eye, ensuring that the makeup remover spreads evenly. And that's it! Your work is done! The eyeliner is now removed.

You can easily take care of any makeup residue if left behind. Simply use warm water to clean it off. And in case you notice any dried eyeliner on the magnetics, don't panic. It's pretty normal. Scratch it off with your nails.

Step 3: Put The Magnetic Lashes Where They Belong

So now you are back with your real lashes. Your magnetic eyelashes and liner have been removed, and it's time to retire for the day. But before you go to bed, ensure that you place the false lashes back into their box. This will ensure that they don't incur any damage.

Make it a point to click them back into their black magnetic portion of the box. This ensures that they don't get loose in the package. Additionally, this works pretty well for maintaining the magnetization of the lashes. They will remain in good shape for a long time.

Handy Tips And Tricks For Prolonged Use Of Magnetic Eyelashes

Naturally, everyone wants thick and beautiful lashes. But regular false lashes can be quite a challenge. Imagine this. You spend a lot of time perfecting the eyeliner or creating a smoky eye look. But then you endeavor to apply fake lashes, it all falls apart. The eyelash glue wastes all your effort.

Yes, the glue is tricky to apply and pretty messy too. And then you have to use mascara too to ensure that the natural and false lashes blend well together. Washing the glue and mascara off the lashes is a time-consuming process.

And even after so much effort, it merely takes a couple of washes for the lashes to lose their shape. Luckily, magnetic eyelashes provide you with the assistance you need. You can get the look you want without having to endure all the hassles.

So when magnetic eyelashes offer you so much relief, wouldn't you want them to last long? Yes, you need to learn how to remove magnetic lashes, but there's more to it. Let's give you some tips on how to prolong the life of your valuable makeup supply.

  • Firstly, you must have noticed that these false lashes hold pretty strong. Yet, they come off when you pull from the sides easily. Why? Because the pressure is evenly distributed between the magnets. But when they are pulled from one corner, force is applied to individually magnetic bonds, causing the magnets to detach easily. So if you want to ensure that you don't end up damaging the magnetic eyelashes during their removal, remove one magnetic bond at a time. And then snap them into their proper place.
  • Never yank the false lashes. This will be pretty painful for you. And will also reduce the lifespan of your lashes significantly.
  • Of course, you have to clean the lashes too. And not just for hygiene. It's vital for prolonging the lifespan of the lashes too. Cleaning eyeliner off the lashes will protect the magnetic bonds. Keep in mind that residue of old eyeliner acts as a barrier between your eyeliner and lash magnet next time you use it. The magnetic bonds weaken due to the dust and debris. So make it a point to clean the lashes after every use.
  • Don't pull on the lashes while cleaning them. This will destroy your false lashes in no time. Instead, all you have to do is simply wipe them with a cotton pad on which a makeup remover I'd applied. Brush, swipe, and roll the cotton pad gently onto the eyelashes while gripping them with your other hand. There's no reason to get carried away. A gentle swipe is all that's needed. And you can then click the lashes back into their case once done.
  • It's advisable to clean the lashes at least once after every two uses. Remember that while they might still look clean, dust and eyeliner will continue to accumulate on them with every use. And it gets worse if you wear mascara.
  • Avoid washing magnetic lashes if you don't want to bid them farewell forever. The strip lashes get damaged in no time due to wash.
  • Always keep the carrying case of the false lashes with you. This ensures that even if you have to remove them due to some issue when you are out, you don't feel stuck. Keep in mind that magnetic eyelashes should only be stored in their container to enhance their longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Having Magnetics Near The Eyes Dangerous?

A.Not really. You can use these fake lashes with of mind. For one thing, the electromagnetic frequency the magnetics can potentially emit on the false lashes is pretty low. Hence, there's hardly any risk associates with their use. Additionally, the magnetic eyelashes available on the market are approved by FDA, so they have already passed the safety tests.

There's a strict set of guidelines that those manufacturing lash lines and adhesives have to adhere to. And only when they pass the testing are they allowed to sell the products. Interestingly, these lashes are safer compared to other fake lashes because they don't contain any glue that can seep into the eyes.

Q. Will The Lash Liner Be Safe For Your Eyes?

A lot of magnetic eyelashes are meant to be used with a lash liner. Naturally, the eyeliner is liquid, so it's not really surprising if you are worried about the magnetic seeping into your eyes. But due to the low-grade electromagnetic frequency of these fake lashes and liners, there's little you need to worry about.

Q. Will The Magnetic Eyelashes Have A Negative Impact On Your Real Lashes?

A. All professional lash extensions carry a risk of damaging natural lashes. And magnetic eyelashes are no exception. Keep in mind that, unlike other fake lashes, these do not impact the growth of real lashes. Instead, these false lashes can lead to breakage, spoiling your lash length. And this only happens if you don't know how to remove magnetic lashes correctly.

Therefore, if you are using false lashes, it's vital that you know how to remove them too. If these lashes are pulled off incorrectly, your real lashes too can be pulled off, leading to many problems. This isn't an issue with lash liner since the false lashes are not really supported by your real lashes but by the lid.

Yes, there's little chance for magnetic eyelashes to stunt the growth of your real lashes. However, it's not really impossible. If the magnetic lashes are tugged or pulled, they can release the real lashes from the follicles, hence breaking them. This can also incur damage to the follicle, influencing hair growth significantly. But if you gently remove the magnetic lashes and follow all the steps properly, you wouldn't have to face any issues.

Q. What Are The Adverse Side Effects Of Magnetic Eyelashes?

A. Yes, these fake lashes look beautiful but are they detrimental in any way? Not if you remove the magnetic eyelashes correctly. They are pretty safe on the whole as long as you adhere to the instructions. And always make it a point to apply and remove fake lashes with clean hands.

If used correctly, there aren't really any side effects you need to be worried about while using false lashes. You have to be cautious regarding the application, care, and removal of magnetic eyelashes. Ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all times and you are good to go.

Furthermore, if you are going to reuse the false lashes, ensure that they are adequately sanitized as per instructions. This will minimize the chances of potential bacterial infections. Clean them with a gentle cleanser or alcohol and water solution after every use. After all, your eyes are sensitive, and no chances should be taken.

Remove Magnetic Lashes With Care

It's apparent that as long as magnetic eyelashes are removed correctly, you are safe. Therefore, you have to be pretty careful in this regard. Let's recap the steps one more time to refresh your mind.

  • Gently remove the fake lashes by grasping the lash bands at their outer corner slowly, pulling them away from the lash line slowly.
  • Remove the magnetic liner off of your eyelids with an oil-based cleanser.
  • Place the magnetic eyelashes back in their container.

That's right. It's that easy. Don't forget to clean the false lashes properly. This is vital for your eye health and will also prolong the life of false lashes.

Magnetic eyelashes are actually an excellent alternative to other fake lashes. You don't have to deal with messy glue. These are easy to apply and pretty comfortable too. The only thing you have to invest in is learning how to remove them correctly.

Once that's taken care of, there's no reason to worry. You can flaunt these fake lashes whenever you want without a worry in the world. Since they don't interfere with your vision, you can wear them practically anywhere!